Lawmaker proposes bill to replace or reduce animals in non-clinical trials

As the National Assembly proposed a bill to reinvigorate tests by replacing animals, attention is focusing on its impact on non-clinical (animal) trials in research on medical products. Animal rights groups welcomed the bill.카지노사이트

Last Friday, Rep. Han Jeong-ae of the opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) proposed a “bill on developing, distributing and reinvigorating trial methods replacing and reducing animals in nonclinical trials (Act to Reinvigorate Animal-Replacement Tests).

The proposed bill calls for sharing information on animal replacement testing methods at the government level and promoting related research and support for revitalizing the animal-replacing test methods.

According to the bill, animal-replacement tests are methods that do not use or reduce animals using up-to-date technology and other means.

In the proposal, Rep. Han pointed out that there are limitations to supporting the industry because legal grounds are insufficient for the animal-replace testing methods, and there are no interagency guidelines.

Therefore, the bill called for the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety commissioner to establish a five-year basic plan to revitalize animal replacement test methods in consultation with the heads of related central government agencies and operate a related committee under the jurisdiction of the prime minister. 바카라사이트

“We need to prepare legal systems to share information on animal-replacement test methods by using frontier technology on the government level and promote relevant research and support,” Rep. Han said while explaining the bill’s purpose.

She added that Korea should also enhance public health “in keeping with the scientific progress and global trends.”

The Humane Society International/Korea (HIS), an animal rights group that had pushed for introducing the method, welcomed the bill’s proposal.

According to HIS, different government ministries and agencies in Korea use different guidelines on animal-replacement trial methods, making it difficult to use internationally standardized methods.

“Following the proposal of a similar bill by Rep. Nam In-soon in December 2020, the latest motion will provide significant momentum for facilitating the animal-replacement trial methods,” said Seo Borami, head of HIS’s Policymaking Department.온라인카지노

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