Queen’s funeral: The people from the South East who witnessed the historic event

As thousands lined the streets to witness the Queen’s funeral procession, many from the SouthEast played their part in the day’s events.카지노사이트

Some were called to action, including scouts from Kent, Sussex and Surrey, who volunteered as stewards helping those in The Queue.

Some were lucky enough to have a seat in Westminster Abbey for the funeral.

A select few who were close to the Queen attended the committal ceremony at Windsor Castle.

The Abbey: Guy Addington

RNLI volunteer Guy Addington from Margate, Kent, was among 183 Queen’s Birthday Honours list recipients in Westminster Abbey for the Queen’s state funeral.

He said: “It was unbelievable. I feel privileged and honoured to have been offered a seat in the Abbey. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

“I was so lucky to have the opportunity to say a fond farewell to somebody that I admired so greatly.

“I think we do the pageantry and the formality around that sort of event so well.

“I was very proud to be British, and the Monarchy is part of being British.”

The Queue: Amy Childs
Amy Childs from the 2nd Tonbridge Scout Group was among people from Kent, Sussex and Surrey helping those who had queued through the night to pay tribute at the lying-in-state.바카라사이트

“There weren’t shops open during the night so coming in in the morning it was really important that we were there to give them what the need,” she said.

“Being able to provide that final duty to the Queen, and be there at that last bit was quite an honour.

“The biggest thing I learned was the little things that you do can go such a long way. Just putting a smile on everyone’s face – what a difference that can make to somebody’s day.”

The procession: Marion King
Marion King camped on Horse Guards Road for two days and celebrated her 59th birthday on the day of the state funeral.

“As the coffin came, it was silent,” she said.

“There was no clapping, a pure silence, and that was the emotional part, seeing the King and [Prince] Harry walking by.

“I just felt the need to be there, to show my respects, and appreciate what a lady she was. I was proud of doing it.”

The Committal: Charles Anson
The late Queen’s former press secretary Charles Anson, who lives in Polegate, in East Sussex, attended the committal service that took place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

“That was a very touching service, very gentle and, in a way, reflecting very much the Queen’s character, including hymns she loved, prayers she knew and a gathering of her family, her friends, members of the royal household.

“A final smaller service but equally lovely.”온라인카지노

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